AtSox is a simple, easy tool to improve your productivity.

It is a collection of many practical online or mobile apps, including RSVP, to-do list, shopping list, bookmarks, etc.

For instance, you can manage your shopping list with your desktop through browser at When you go shopping, you can easily download the list to your smart phone by one single click. Tapping on the items with your smart phone would mark it checked. So you will never forget the items you have to buy.

Another example, when you are preparing a big party, it is really time consuming to handle RSVP since you will have to answer so many phone calls or emails. With help of, you can easily create a RSVP link and send it to the people you invite. When they click on the link, they will see a form to type in name, phone and email. After a submit button is hit, you will instantly know who is coming and how many with your smart phone.

If you have any suggestion about how to improve it, or if you need something we don't currently provide, please let us know.

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