App Name: Bookmarks -ATBookmark
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ATBookmark is a handy tool to manage your webpage bookmarks . It would make your online surfing experience with IPhone much easier and more efficient.

The App is very simple and easy to use. It can work standalone, or together with its free online version at

When you use it standalone, you can create new webpage bookmarks or delete the current ones. If you tap on a bookmark, the webpage would be opened.

You can use the App to download bookmarks from its free online version at You need to sign up at the website (it is free) and tell the App your account information at After that, it would be very convenient for you to manage your bookmarks online with your desktop (so you can copy/paste or print), and download it to your IPhone through the App by one single click.

By default, the App was set up with a demo account at You can use the demo account to familiarize yourself how it works. After that, you would need to have your own account in order to manage your personal items.

ATBookmark is a proud product of Afanche Technologies, Inc. To learn more about other products of the company, please search by afanche. For more information about the company, please visit

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